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Before I started my current college course I had studied Professional Cookery.  I also had numerous jobs from being a home carer to working in a call centre.  After the birth of my son I really wanted to return to college to further develop my education.

Since I had a keen interest in travel and tourism I decided to go down that route and I haven’t looked back!  My college experience has been very exciting, I’ve learnt so much and realised I am much more capable of juggling tasks at home, work and college, than I ever thought I would be.

Skills that the College has helped me to develop are presentation and team working skills, as well as report writing and communication skills. 

Work experience placements have been important throughout the course from spending time with a travel agency and learning more about their reservation systems. During the HNC course I secured a job with Visit Scotland’s information centre in Ayr. 

I’m very excited to have won this award as I have worked really hard over the last few years at college and it is great to be recognised.  I’m so appreciative of the nomination!

I still work at Visit Scotland on a seasonal basis, however, I have the chance to work at the head office in Glasgow and I’m working towards getting a full-time position, which would be fantastic. 

The staff at the College have been great and the environment at the College is always very encouraging, making you want to be the best you can be in your chosen career.