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I’ve been offered a job with Intel in the Republic of Ireland. If it’s a good enough opportunity, I’m happy to go where the work is so that I can give a good life to my family.

I feel I got the job mainly based on my accomplishments through the course. They were quite impressed at the awards I’ve received in my time at Ayrshire College. I received an Excellence Award after completing my HNC and that gave me a ton of confidence. It’s worked out really well for me and has got me straight into a fantastic career. So I’m very happy with how things are going.

I put in a lot of time and effort. I did everything I could and tried my best, and it’s great to have that recognised. I’ve tried my hardest and I’ve succeeded at the course.

I’d been working at L.A Bowl in Ayr for about six years when I first went to the College. I’d been in the same position for a while and it’s a small business – there wasn’t much room for moving forward. So I thought if I learnt some new skills I could look for better prospects elsewhere.

L.A Bowl were supportive, they worked their shifts around me going to college for the first year and a half. Though once the college work started accelerating it became difficult, and unfortunately I had to leave to concentrate on studying. I’ve got to think of the future and where I’m going to be in five years’ time. And it’s worked out really well for me, I’m glad I took the jump and prioritised the College over my work.

There was a bit of worry over whether I would do all this studying and still be in the same job – but I was driving to get a good life where I can provide everything my daughter needs when she grows up; give her a stable life and upbringing.

It shows that you can still go out and get these jobs. It speaks volumes for how good the College is that you can progress at this stage of life.