Elizabeth Pollock

Elizabeth Pollock

Before coming to college I worked in a private rehabilitation unit. I wanted to study counselling to understand addiction and learn about different theories and techniques.

All my life I struggled with spelling and writing. I managed practical tasks but could never put myself forward for anything which involved writing. This always held me back and affected my self-esteem and self-worth.

Staff at the College were amazing, especially the Inclusive Learning team. It was thanks to them that my dyslexia was identified. This is obviously why I had been struggling all these years. The team gave me so much encouragement and let me know about what help was available.

I am 56 years old and have dyslexia. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or what barriers you have to overcome, the College will provide the right support for you.

All my life I have wanted to achieve something academically. To have completed my HNC with an A pass and to be receiving Student of the Year is beyond my wildest dreams.

I now work with the Lighthouse Foundation as a Prison Support Worker helping the families of prisoners. I would eventually like to study an HND in Counselling and feel ready to move forward.

Elizabeth’s lecturer said “Elizabeth has overcome many personal challenges. When she started college her self-confidence was extremely low. After discovering she had dyslexia she became much more positive. The route of her problems had been identified and she was ready to change her life. Elizabeth has blossomed and grown and her confidence has soared. She gained an A pass in her Graded Unit and has achieved her dream of her dad seeing her graduate.”