Gareth Dowse

Gareth Dowse

When I left school I worked in our family landscape gardening business. Although I enjoyed the physical challenge and the creativity involved in transforming gardens, I’d always had a passion for aviation and wanted to become a commercial airline pilot.
I decided to change my career and apply for an aircraft engineering course at Ayrshire College. My college experience has been fantastic. I was worried about returning to education and how I would cope with the workload but the enthusiasm of my lecturers helped me settle into my course. I have a lot of respect for the lecturers as they put huge amounts of effort and energy into creating a great learning environment.

My most memorable moment was mentoring in the 2013 Young Engineer Programme, where I worked with staff from Spirit Aerosystems and pupils from Doonfoot Primary School to encourage a new generation of future engineers. We created fun, informative experiments which helped the children gain a practical insight into the basics physics of flight.

Since starting College I’ve gained a new belief in my own abilities, improved my communication and organisation skills, and learned how to work under pressure. I’ve just started year three of the BEng Aeronautical Engineering course at the University of the West of Scotland, and I’m sure I’ll put these skills to good use.

When I started college my ambition was to become a commercial airline pilot, but as I progressed through my course I became interested in advanced avionics and systems design.

I want to combine my love of flying with the design and implementation of future aircraft systems, hopefully in the role of a test flight pilot or engineer. My ideal job would be working at the cutting edge of aviation with technology that could one day make flying safer and more economical for all.