Greig Wilson

Greig Wilson is a former Aeronautical Engineering student who has come a long way since his days as a student with us.

After leaving school in fifth year, Greig undertook an apprenticeship in sign fabrication and erection, which he studied towards for 4 years before staying with the company for a further 2 years following the completion of his apprenticeship. Afterwards, Greig joined the infantry, serving until his medical discharge in September 2006. Personal reasons forced Greig to access his career and he made the joint decision with his new wife to return to his studies.

The main inspiration for Greig wanting to study aeronautical engineering came from his days in the army after being transported between various locations via Chinook and C-130 Hercules aircraft. Before starting the course, Greig done his research and afterwards was even more keen to enroll on the course.

Currently, Greig is working as a Machine Maintenance and Servicing Technician for Solar Turbines which is a subsidiary company of Caterpillar. He services and maintains gas turbine engines for on and off shore oil and gas companies. The products are used for power generation or gas/oil extraction or insertion. Greig's job today involves training in the Gossilies facility in Belgium until September 2015. Once his work in Belgium is complete, Greig will be chaperoned for a year, working in the Northern Europe district - which ranges from the North Sea to the Caspian Sea and covers the entire country of Russia.

Greig will work in this role for the next 4 years to allow him full access to every possible problem that could occur with the packages. Once his time is complete, he will be relocated to the head office in San Diego, California to design new parts and packages.

Greig holds his time at the College dearly and believes the lecturers gave him a great understanding of how the industry works. This helped him graduate and secure his current job, despite having no previous experience with gas turbines or heavy machinery.