Ian Morrison

“I was employed as an IT Technician at a university in Glasgow, when I made the decision to change my career and study Web Development and Interactive Media at Ayrshire College.  The college course included design and development technologies used in the web industry and how to plan projects that utilise these tools.

During my time at college I was approached by a course lecturer to create the Ayrshire College Foundation website. It was a great project to be involved in. It provided me with invaluable experience from how to deal with a client and how to build a website to a provided specification and design. It also helps that I have a website created for a client to add to my portfolio of work. This will hopefully demonstrate to potential employers that I have the ability to carry out development work in a professional capacity.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the College, learning new skills and experiences. Having the university direct entry path was also useful. I would recommend the computing courses to anyone considering this as a career. The lecturers were a fantastic help, and I always found them very approachable. The college course helped me to gain direct entry into third year at UWS. Once I finish my studies, I plan to work in the web development industry”.