Laura Carrera McCourt

Laura Carrera McCourt

Before college I took a gap year. I’d spent most of my life in Spain, and when I moved to Scotland, I decided to study at the College.
Being a student has been a great experience, thanks to the staff and the content of the course itself. I have learnt a lot in the last two years and it has helped me decide what I want from my career.

My presentation skills have improved immensely and I really enjoyed the practical work and lab visits. The course covered a wide variety of subjects and I feel well prepared to move on.

I am honoured to even be considered for the Student of the Year Award. Although I must admit, this is partly down to the science team who were always there to explain things and who made the course really interesting.

I would recommend the College without a doubt. It has been challenging at times but very enjoyable and well worth the effort. I’m now at university where I am studying pharmacology and immunology with a view to working in research and development.

Laura’s lecturer said “Laura is an extremely hard working student whose attendance and timekeeping is second to none. Laura is very considerate and always looks out for opportunities to help other students.”