Marcin Krowlikowski

I came to the United Kingdom in 2010 and I was working in the construction industry before moving to work in a kitchen when the construction company went out of business. I needed a job so the first one I saw was working in a kitchen. Unfortunately, I really didn’t like it. I graduated from university in Poland so I knew that I could do more.

So I checked the adverts for further education in Scotland and that’s where I saw Ayrshire College as a viable option.

The first year was NC Welding & Fabrication and I enjoyed this experience so much it inspired me to do another engineering course specialising in manufacturing. What interested me the most was that I was able to operate CNC machines and learn about CAD drawings.

I really enjoyed the College – I spent two years here. I didn’t waste any time, it was a really good experience. Thanks to everyone at Ayrshire College I’ve got a new job so I’m really pleased.

The College actually offered me a work experience opportunity in the company I now work for! I am really enjoying my job with EURO Driveshafts & Hydraulics in Kilmaurs.

Winning student of the year is a really nice feeling, I’m really happy. I cannot find better words to describe this right now – other than I’m really, really happy.

During this year I knew I was one of the best in the group. I had the best scores in assessments, so I had this feeling I could get this award. But I didn’t know how well I would do the final exam, so it really surprised me.

I would recommend the College to anyone who wants to improve their life. If they need some security, some stability, then there’s the opportunity here to change qualifications and start a new life. It happened with me and I’m really happy.