Patrick Shek

Patrick Shek

I worked in the family business for many years before making the decision to come to college. I wanted to study new things, to further my skills and increase my job opportunities.

College is a combination of being rewarding, educational and enjoyable. The lecturers were always enthusiastic, which kept it interesting and really motivated me.

I have more confidence, met some great people and made lifelong friends. The College has certainly provided me with a wealth of knowledge which I can use in my future career in the construction industry.

I would encourage others to come to college as it opens up so many opportunities for the future, as well as being fun! The College provides you with all the resources you need to help you to achieve your goals.

I was absolutely gobsmacked to win the Student of the Year Award, but also very happy as this is a great personal achievement.
I plan to go on to university, or become an apprentice within the construction industry. Either way, the College has provided me with the ideal start to my future in the construction industry.

Patrick’s lecturer said “Patrick has shown across the board that he is a keen and enthusiastic student who will go on to bigger and better things, excelling in whatever construction discipline he chooses.”