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After school I wanted to do some sort of engineering and I had applied to university but didn’t get in. So I took a year out, worked for a year and then came to do this as I knew then that I definitely still had the appetite and wanted to do it.

I got in touch with one of the lecturers and he showed me around and gave me information on the course. It proved to be challenging but overall I really enjoyed it.

I’ve no idea how I’ve won this. I had no idea about it – I got the letter through the door and I was completely astonished that I got it. The lecturers gave me no clue at all.  

The only reason I can think I might have got it would be for my project last year. It was a bit out of the ordinary – we got a sheet of paper that we could choose something from or we could think of something by ourselves and I went off in a completely different direction to everyone else. That’s the only thing that I could possibly think of.

I’ve got a place at university this year. I’ll be going into 3rd year at the University of the West of Scotland which is two days at Ayr and one day in Paisley. I’ll be doing that for the next two years at least as depending on how that goes I might continue to do my Masters.

Where I work in the industry after that doesn’t really bother me – I would like to travel about. This job is good for that, so I’ll just see where it takes me.