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At first the College was Plan B for if I didn’t get into university. However, I decided I didn’t want to go to university after all and that college would be a better fit for me.

I’d applied for social work and psychology but then I decided I didn’t want to go yet. I think doing my HNC offered me a good view into what would be expected of me at university. Now that I’ve been to college and studied these subjects for a year, I’ve changed my mind completely and will now be going into nursing.

I enjoyed my subjects and lecturers and I’m glad I was able to complete the course. I’ve picked up so many skills, from working on my communication skills to learning about responsibility, home based learning and how to organise my time.

My lecturer told me once he got the results for my graded unit that it was between me and someone else in the class – who was actually my cousin! When he said this I thought I’d get a letter pretty soon after but then I forgot all about it and was surprised when it came.

I’ve not actually spoken to my cousin about it yet! But I’m sure she’ll be happy for me. I was really proud after winning it, I was running about everywhere and had to tell absolutely everybody. It’s really nice when your hard work is noticed and credited.

I’ve accepted an offer for the University of the West of Scotland. I want to become a registered nurse. I’ve no idea if I want to specialise yet. I’ve been working as a care assistant in my local nursing home to get some experience for my career.