I initially studied fashion at the Ayr campus and there was a little bit of photography in the course. I knew I wanted to do fashion, but I soon realised I wanted to do fashion photography, and that’s why I changed.

The first year, the NC, I struggled a little learning everything about the camera, but when it came to the second year I said to myself ‘get your head down and try’. So when I found out I was chosen as Student of the Year it gave me that reminder that I was doing good. Everything I tried was for something.

During that first year, I found out I had dyslexia. A lecturer let me know and I got some help with my writing, and if I ever had any problems then I would just come to student support and get help organising. I had a recorder to record my teacher, which helped a lot. It was so much easier after I got that help.

Obviously I’ve learnt how to work a camera, you wouldn’t think you would need to know all of these things, but you do.

During the graded unit I decided to photograph my Dad’s wedding. Which was very hard! My family kept making all of these weird faces and I was like “you need to stop doing that and listen to me!”

It’s great that people noticed I was working so hard. All of my lecturers said that, which was nice.

I’m at Paisley now doing my HND, then I’m going to apply to Edinburgh for my degree. After that, I’ll be moving to London and will hopefully get a job at a fashion magazine. 

I would absolutely recommend Ayrshire College to anyone moving on to further education. Not only does it provide a top education experience but it also helps young people mature and plan the future they want with no pressure or judgement.