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Before I came to college I was a roofer, I’m a roofer to trade. That was for five years and I just thought I wanted to do something different. I didn’t like being stuck up on the roof when the rain was lashing down!

I came to college because I wanted to be a PE teacher, work for Active Schools or to become a lecturer at the College on the sports coaching side.

The course was brilliant. There were loads of opportunities to get involved in so many sports. I went down to Bath for the British Championships for two years and it was great, I couldn’t fault my experiences at all.

We did a lot of volunteering. I worked with disabled children helping out at Ayrshire Sportsability events. It was really rewarding and opened my eyes up to see how disabled children can take part in sport by making slight adaptions. I would say adapting sessions for different types of children with disabilities and knowing their needs was the major skill I’ve picked up here.

I went on a placement with Crosshouse Primary and Grange Academy. Through volunteering at Crosshouse, I went on their residential trips for two years and now I’ve managed to get a summer job with the play scheme with East Ayrshire Council.

Being named student of the year is brilliant, I really couldn’t believe it. I had already finished everything when everyone was rushing to hand everything in during the last two weeks, so I didn’t have to come in.

Everything I did I gave it 110% all the time, no matter if I didn’t like it. I just gave my all, turned up for everything, all my work was handed in on time and I had no resits.

I’ve now got into university at SRUC doing Sports Coaching & Development. I’m doing third and fourth year, then from there my options are wide open.

Some people think college is just like school but it’s not. I’ve learnt so much from going to college. I got loads of help from lecturers and it’s like they end up being your pals in a way.