Equality and Inclusion


Think Equality, Do Equality

An inclusive, supportive and accessible College


Ayrshire College is fully committed to challenging discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity, promoting inclusion and celebrating the diversity of all of its stakeholders. 

This means as a College we aim to deliver high quality learning and teaching experiences where barriers are removed and which are accessible to everyone in the communities the College serves.   We are working hard to achieve this aim because we believe everyone should have a fair chance and opportunity to be successful.  

The College's Vision, Mission and Values are the foundations on which a firm commitment to equality and inclusion have been established.

The College's Equality and Inclusion team support the development of a diverse College community and work with students, staff and others to embed the value and practice of equality and inclusion within everyday College life. 

By all working together to foster an inclusive, supportive and accessible College culture and environment, Ayrshire College is a first choice place of learning and working.





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CLICK below to read Ayrshire College's Mainstreaming Equality 2015-2017 and Equality Outcomes 2017-2021 Report.

The report includes the College's Equal Pay Statement on pay and occupational segregation for gender, disability and race.  The Equal Pay Statement and the Equality Outcomes 2017-2021 action plan can also be accessed separately on the links below.



Ayrshire College Equal Pay Statement

Ayrshire College Equality Outcomes 2017-2021 action plan