Upcoming Events






John Mather Awards 17-May 6pm-9.30pm Kilmarnock Campus
Head Teachers Event 18-May 5pm-7.15pm Salt and Barrel, Kilmarnock
Excellence Awards (Kilwinning) 24-May 6pm-9.30pm Gailes Hotel
Head Teachers Event 25-May 5pm-7.15pm Staff Canteen, Kilwinning Campus
Spectrum 17 Exhibition 25-May 7pm-9pm Townhouse Irvine
Moving On 26-May 1pm-4pm Kilmarnock Campus
Vis Arts  Showcase  27-May 2pm-4pm Roselle House (Ayr)
Head Teachers Event 30-May 5pm-7.15pm Taste at Ayr Campus
Excellence Awards (Kilmarnock) 31-May 6pm-9.30pm Kilmarnock Campus
Excellence Awards (Ayr) 07-Jun 6pm-9.30pm Ayr Racecourse
Creative Arts End of Year Show 09-Jun 6.30pm-8.30pm Riverside Building
Buckets - HND Drama 10-Jun TBC Gaiety Theatre
Creative Carousel Event 14-Jun 10am-3pm Riverside Building, Ayr Campus
Focus West - School Event 14-Jun All day TBC
Technology Workout 14-Jun 9am-3pm Kilmarnock Campus
Art Exhibition 16-Jun To September Dick Institute
Ayrshire Connects Event 22-Jun TBC TBC
Mission Discovery 19-23 Jun 9am-3pm TBC
Mission Discovery Schools Day 23-Jun 9am-3pm TBC
Kilmarnock Graduation 27-Oct 8am-3pm Kilmarnock Campus
Kilwinning Graduation 10-Nov 8am-3pm Kilwinning Campus
Ayr Graduation 24-Nov 8am-3pm Ayr Campus