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Flexible Training Opportunities

Flexible Training Opportunities

Scottish businesses with 100 employees or less can apply for up to £5,000 towards employee training costs.

Types of funded training include:

  • qualifications, including individual units
  • masterclasses
  • learning based on National Occupational Standards
  • industry recognised qualifications
  • supervisory and management training
  • workshops
  • taster sessions

Funding is available for up to 10 employees per business and the money is not a loan so there's no need to pay it back. We will refund up to 50% of each episode of employee training up to a maximum of £500 for each employee. For example, if an episode of training costs £1,200 excluding VAT, £500 will be refunded. If it costs £300 excluding VAT, £150 will be refunded.

For more information, please visit Our Skills Force