• Performing Arts

    NC Acting and Performance

  • SCQF Level

    Level 6

  • Attendance/Duration

    Full-time, one year

Start Here

This course can be taken as a follow on from Introduction to Performing Arts or as a first option if you have a bit more knowledge of acting and performance.

For entry to this course you’ll need:

  • A real interest in acting and performance
  • Three National 5s or equivalent, including Drama OR a relevant NC course at SCQF Level 5 or equivalent such as Introduction to Acting and Production
  • A prepared audition piece (monologue)
  • An interview with us

If you don’t have formal qualifications, but have life experience, then we’ll also consider you for a place, so please call us for a chat.

What's Involved

This course develops your skills in acting and production. You’ll focus on the main areas of acting, voice, movement and performance, and will take part in two shows in our newly renovated campus theatre.

Here’s more on what you’ll be doing:

  • You’ll develop your acting skills and techniques through creative exploration and portraying different types of character. You’ll also look at the different acting styles and approaches of acting practitioners.
  • You’ll develop voice skills, learning about voice production and control, and how to apply vocal techniques.
  • You’ll develop movement skills, beginning with movement exercises to explore and develop physical and creative expression, and later on perform a group movement piece.
  • You’ll focus on theatre performance and develop a professional approach to the rehearsal process, working closely with fellow performers and the Director. You’ll develop your own stage craft and performance skills as you work towards a production.
  • You’ll develop skills and techniques for writing dramatic text, and create your own short piece.

Go Anywhere

When you successfully complete this course, you’ll have the choice of:

  • Moving onto HNC Performing Arts (subject to an audition)
  • Exploring your future career options which might include: Actor (for TV, Commercial Productions, Theatre, Musical Theatre or in the Community); Script Writer; Director; Producer; Deviser or Drama Teacher


  • Be wowed by our Creative Department’s end of year show - Creative Candy features fashion, hair, make-up, photography, music, sound production and performing arts students. Click here to watch the video.

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