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Welding Skills

Campus Attendance Start Date
09: Evenings only and Weekends 07-Sep-2017 Book

SCQF Level

Level 5


This course runs on a Thursday evening between 6pm - 9pm for 12 weeks.

Campus/Course availability


Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.

Students should wear appropriate boots and overalls.

What's Involved

Preparing and using semi-automatic MIG, MAG and flux cored arc welding equipment.  Including:

  • preparation of the welding equipment
  • setting and adjusting the welding conditions
  • checking the quality of the welds
  • making the work area tidy and safe upon completion

An important part of the course will be complying with Health and Safety requirements.



This course is eligible for Individual Learning Account (ILA) or Fee Waiver, depending on individual circumstances. For further information on funding go to Courses then Evening Classes. Apply for your funding now to ensure it is in place before your course starts.

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STEM - Engineering and Science


Aeronautics is a prestigious and high profile industry which develops and manufactures a broad range of products, systems and equipment. It also comprises maintenance and service companies which carry out repair, training or other activities linked to the different products.

Work in the aerospace sector can be technically fascinating and the opportunities are very wide-ranging: from cutting edge research to servicing engines.

Our courses offer good opportunities for progression to University and employment. We have strong links with many Aeronautical employers creating opportunities for employment such as Spirit Aerosystems.

engineering and renewables

Scotland has a world-renowned reputation for engineering and are at the cutting-edge of engineering developments. Engineers design, create, test and improve all sorts of products and processes. The industry offers a sustainable and exciting career in a number of sectors including space, aviation, transport, medicine, technology, food, fashion and construction. 

Employers are crying out for qualified engineers. It's estimated that Scotland needs 2,500 new engineers every year.

Our Engineering courses include; electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, fabrication and welding and wind turbine technology. We are now developing composite awareness, manufacture inspection and repair techniques into our aeronautical and wind turbine courses.

We have strong partnerships with well-known Ayrshire employers and many previous students have progressed on to employment, self-employment and also apprenticeships within local, national and worldwide organisations.


The life sciences industry is thriving. Scotland has a highly skilled workforce in this vibrant industry. Our pioneering research coupled with near-by hospitals, drug clinics and world-renowned organisations means in Scotland you can truly collaborate, bring new concepts to life and life-changing products to market.

The development of new technologies and scientific advances has created new career opportunities in biomedical laboratory work, environmental science and scientific research. From hands-on scientist, technologist and researchers to CEOs, and sales and marketing, there’s exciting opportunities at every level.

Previous students are now studying at university, teaching, working in NHS laboratories and employed as Environmental Health Officers, paramedics and midwives. We are currently training modern apprentices for blue chip companies such as GSK and AvantiCell.


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The #ThisAyrshireGirlCan campaign aims to inspire young women to take up traditionally male-dominated careers, such as engineering.

megan forrest 

Hyspec Engineering's Megan Forrest guides you through a day in the life of her engineering apprenticeship. 

anna manson

Spirit Aerosystems' apprentice Anna Manson allows us to gain an insight into her daily work routine. 






William Heads.JPG

"I was really impressed with the facilities and after seeing the 'Bulldog' I just knew that Aircraft Engineering was the right path for me. I joined the NC Aeronautical Engineering.

Read more about William's story here

william heads, HND aircraft engineering 

Marcin Krowlikowski

"I would recommend the College to anyone who wants to improve their life. If they need some security, some stability, then there’s the opportunity here to change qualifications and start a new life. It happened with me and I’m really happy."

Read more about Marcin's story here

marcin Krolikowski, hnc engineering practice: manufacturing 


 Rebecca Hume.JPG


"I’ve got a place at university this year. I’ll be going into 3rd year at the University of the West of Scotland which is two days at Ayr and one day in Paisley. I’ll be doing that for the next two years at least as depending on how that goes I might continue to do my Masters.

"Where I work in the industry after that doesn’t really bother me – I would like to travel about. This job is good for that, so I’ll just see where it takes me."

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rebecca hume, HNd aircraft engineering 




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"Although the metalwork is great fun I’d say the electrical work is my favourite part of the course. But also meeting new people and having that extra responsibility. It’s great – I love everything about it really." 

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I think the skills that they learn at Ayrshire College benefit them within the workplace. The breadth of knowledge and the practical experience that they gain at the college certainly sets them up well for the world of work.”

Read Dale's blog here

dale dunlop, modern apprentice



“Over the last two academic years 120 students have been placed in apprenticeships with our partners. This continues to improve our great relations with local employers and improve the skills gaps between the College and local businesses.”

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new campus countdown: focus on engineering

At Ayrshire College we understanding how important it is for businesses to have a highly effective workforce.  Our short course programmes are designed to enhance the trainee’s skills and knowledge to enable them to implement their learning into their day to day practices. 

Short Course Range

  •        Iosh Working Safely
  •        Iosh Managing Safely
  •        Composite Awareness
  •        Bulldog Aircraft Maintenance
  •        Abrasive Wheels
  •        AutoCAD

We also offer a wide range of other short courses and evening classes that may be of interest to you.  Please visit our Business Centre page for more information.

Our Engineering and Science short courses are offered throughout our Ayrshire Campuses however we are happy to deliver these on your premises or customise the content for you.  Call our Business Solutions Team on 0300 303 0303 option 4 to discuss your training requirements.