• Higher Psychology

  • SCQF Level

    Level 6

  • Attendance/Duration

    This course runs on a Tuesday evening between 6pm - 9pm for 32 weeks.

  • Start Date

    From 5 Sep 2017

Entry Requirements

Intermediate 2, National 5 or Standard Grade English or social subject at B or above/credit.

Students without any formal qualifications but with life experience and a demonstrable interest in the subject area will also be considered for entry.

What's Involved

Higher Psychology is made up of four components:

  • Research: this unit looks at the importance of research in Psychology and examines the methods of research & ethical considerations
  • Individual Behaviour: this unit will look at topics including sleep & dreams, stress, memory and psychopathology
  • Social Behaviour: this unit examines conformity & obedience, prejudice and attraction
  • Assignment: each year the SQA issues a choice of subjects for students to examine. From this, the student will carry out their own research investigation, write it up and present it in a professional manner.


Each of the units contains one assessment which is marked by the lecturer. The assignment is marked by the SQA and forms 40% of the overall grade. There is a final exam that samples across the 3 units covered and forms 60% of the overall grade. Deadlines for submission are important and must be adhered to.



This course is eligible for Individual Learning Account (ILA) or Fee Waiver, depending on individual circumstances. For further information on funding go to Courses then Evening Classes. Apply for your funding now to ensure it is in place before your course starts.