• NC Professional Cookery Level 5

  • Local Authority

    East Ayrshire

  • Attendance/Duration

    This is a 2 year course

  • Start Date

    From 12 Jun 2017


Kilmarnock Campus Tuesday/Thursday 2pm - 4pm

This course is for school pupils only.

Who is the Course for

This course is for you if you are interested in learning about a career in the Hospitality industry or simply gaining or developing skills in an industry standard kitchen. You will enjoy working in a professional kitchen and also working with people and teams. You need to be interested in food and also what makes excellent customer service.

What is the Course About

You will attend on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2 – 4 pm where you will be working in the professional kitchens, or in a classroom as appropriate. When in the kitchens you will require to wear a set of chef whites (uniform) without which you will not be allowed to participate in a class, as required under current food safety law – you will need to bring this with you for every class. These will be provided to you but you will need to wash these ready for the next class.

You will:

  • Develop appropriate employability skills for the professional cookery sector.
  • Understand concepts and terms used in the industry.
  • Practice a range of skills in relation to professional cookery.
  • Gain an awareness of the modern trends in professional cookery.
  • Develop a local and international perspective on cooking.
  • Develop a local and international perspective on nutrition and healthy eating trends.
  • Prepare to move on to qualifications at a higher level.

You will be given set directed study each week which you will need to complete – this is a requirement of the course and you will not complete the National Certificate without successfully completing this element. Your school needs to provide structured teacher-led support for you while you complete this directed study.

SQA Course Units

  • Cookery Processes
  • Food Preparation Techniques
  • Food Hygiene for the Hospitality Industry
  • Stocks and Sauces
  • Hospitality; Organisation of Practical Skills
  • Working Safely

What do you Need

There are no entrance requirements but to get the best out of this course you will be interviewed and should have literacy and numeracy skills at level 4, enjoy working in a practical environment and have a real interest in the Hospitality industry. You should also relish the challenge of getting to know new people.

How will I be Assessed

You will work towards completing a National Certificate Professional Cookery at level 5, a total of 12 unit credits over the 2 years. This will include a mix of practical and theory elements, and will also involve directed study of approximately 2 hours per week.

Next Steps

Following successful completion of the National Certificate you could progress to a course at Level 6, either from school or in Ayrshire College.

You could also consider a Modern Apprenticeship programme with an appropriate employer and training provider, such as Ayrshire College.

What do current students say

“I really enjoy working in a professional kitchen. The whole Course had lots of different bits so it keeps you interested but the main thing is I really like how it’s about working in a team and it’s helped me decide what job I want to get in the industry”.