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Foundation Apprenticeship - Social Services (Children and Young People)

Campus Attendance Start Date
08: Other Part-time Day Course 12-Jun-2017 Book

Local Authority

North Ayrshire

This course is available to eligible school pupils in East, North and South Ayrshire.


Kilwinning Campus

Year 1: Tue/Thu 2-5.00pm in College plus placement experience equivalent to 10 days in total.

Year 2: 10 hours work experience per week

Who is the course for?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in working with Children & Young People this two year Foundation Apprenticeship will provide you with your first steps into the industry. You will spend part of your week at College and also out on work experience over S5 and S6. When you complete the Foundation Apprenticeship you’ll have an industry recognised qualification and extensive work experience. This qualification will support your progress whether you plan to study at college, enrol on a Modern Apprenticeship or go straight into work. It will give you the skills and work experience to get a head start in your career.

Work Experience:

In addition to formal college tuition, time will be devoted to work related experience including for example, work placements, work shadowing, industry visits, an industry challenge and work related training. In year 1 you need to do this for at least 10 days (or equivalent hours) and the College will help you find a placement that you can fit in around your school and College classes. In year 2 you will be out on placement for at least 10 hours a week. When you do this is flexible, to fit around your other studies. Ideally you will undertake two placements during the course in the following settings; nursery, out of school care, crèche and or play group.

What is the course about?

Social Service workers provide support and help to people who need it, helping them to live full and valued lives in the community. The Foundation Apprenticeship includes the new National Progression Award in Social Services: Children and Young People and the Scottish Vocational Qualification level 2 Social Services Children and Young People.

The NPA Social Services will enable you to complete a qualification designed to provide the underpinning knowledge for the SVQ2 in Social Services (Children and Young People) and the practical skills that are needed to deliver early learning and childcare opportunities for children.

NPA units:

  •   Safeguarding Children & Young People
  •   Play for Children & Young People
  •   Communication with Children & Young People
  •   Development of Children & Young People
  •   Promoting Wellbeing of Children & Young People

SVQ 2 units:

You will have the opportunity to undertake 6 units to achieve the full SVQ level 2 Social Services (Children and Young People). You must complete these 4 mandatory Units:

  •   Support Effective communication
  •   Support the Health & Safety of yourself and individuals
  •   Develop your own knowledge and practice
  •   Support the safeguarding of children

In addition you will do two optional units. These will be decided on once you are out on placement in year 2.

What Do i need?


You should have or be working towards at least 4 National 5 qualifications including English or Literacy and your guidance tutor should think that you are capable of working at SCQF level 6 (Higher level). A Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme record is also required. You also need to be able to complete all the necessary hours in a work placement (10 days or equivalent in year 1, 10 hours a week in year 2).


Communication with children and families as well as with staff in the workplace is a key competence. Working in social services setting means you need to be able to work with others and to problem solve.


A commitment to appropriate values is very important. If you are interested in a career in social services you can use the interactive resource a question of care: a career for you. You will answer a series of questions and receive a detailed personal profile at the end. A commitment to appropriate values is necessary and you can demonstrate this partly through responses in this resource.

How will I be assessed?

The NPA Units are assessed in College and are testing your knowledge and understanding of the Unit content. The SVQ level 2 mandatory units will be assessed in the workplace. These assessments are practical – you will carry out tasks and your assessor will observe you and say when you have shown that you can carry them out correctly. You will also keep a reflective log and produce accounts to demonstrate your knowledge, values and practical skills. Your SVQ Assessor will visit you regularly to make sure that you are doing well and on track with your vocational qualification.  

Next Steps

Successful completion of the Foundation Apprenticeship includes Scottish Social Services Council registration eligibility for support worker in day care of children services. Most jobs in day care of children services are at practitioner level and certification for these roles is at SVQ 3 but some employers use SVQ 2 as entry to SVQ 3. On satisfactory completion of the Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services you will have a solid basis for progression to a Modern Apprenticeship programme in Social Services (Children and Young People) which is designed to qualify you as a support worker and practitioner in a range of services across the sector such as day care services or out of school care as a nursery assistant, play leader or nursery officer.

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To become a counsellor you will need to able to build trust and make people feel relaxed. You will need patience and sensitivity. It is essential to be non-judgemental and be able to work with people from all backgrounds.  Life experience is highly valued.  In most cases you would counsel clients on their own and face-to-face, but you could also work with couples, families or groups, or counsel people over the phone or on the internet.

This course will allow you to understand various types of behaviour, including addiction and substance misuse. You will develop counselling skills to equip you to work with people affected by a range of issues.

Career opportunities include, focusing on particular areas, such as bereavement, adoption, couples' therapy or anger management.  There are also many voluntary opportunities available across the counselling sector.  Voluntary experience can be highly valuable and can lead to further training or paid work.

Health and Social Care

If you want to develop your knowledge of health and social care, or want to work in a caring profession, we have a range of courses that will inspire and challenge you whilst providing you with the skills you need.

Placements are a key part of our courses and will help you develop your understanding of the theory as well as improve your employability skills.  Our Access to Nursing course enables adult returners to prepare for degree level courses. Students who complete these courses successfully are guaranteed an interview at university.

The scope of the health services offered by the NHS is huge and there is a continual need for qualified and experienced staff to help with the provision of these services.

The number of social care workers in employment has increased dramatically and this trend is set to continue.  There are many career options in social care eg you could start your career as a care home assistant, but end up as a manager in a care home service for adults, a qualified social worker or a community based support worker.  This sector allows for rapid career progressions and advancement.

Our range of courses in health and social care will provide you with employment opportunities including residential care, day care, community care, or working in hospital settings as well as in the community.

Early Education

Working with children, especially young children, is demanding. But it is also very rewarding. If you pursue a career in early education, childcare or playwork you can make a real difference to the quality of children's lives and to their families.  For children to get a good start, they need to be looked after and educated by people with the right blend of skills and personal qualities. This sector is expanding and demand for qualified staff is set to rise.

High quality early education, childcare and playwork help children to get the best start in life, promoting all-round development in their important early years.  Quality services for children help parents as well, allowing them to balance work and family life. In Early Education, you would be planning and supervising learning and play, promoting children’s learning development, and monitoring and assessing each individual child’s progress and needs.

Our courses in early education provide hands-on training for those wishing to become an Early Years Practitioner, Playworker, or Education support Assistant.  Registration with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) is available to students who successfully complete Early Education and childcare qualifications.

Our Access to Primary Education (SWAP – Scottish Widening Access Programme) enables students to prepare for degree level courses in Primary Education or a wide range of relevant vocational courses at college.  Career prospects are good, and while it is mostly women who are presently employed, it is important that more men join the sector as young children need male role models too.  Opportunities include working in a nursery, playworker, classroom assistant or child support worker.


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Elizabeth Pollock, HNC Counselling


Jacqueline Bendoris

"After working in residential children’s units for many years, I came to college to work towards becoming a paediatric nurse.  The experience has been fantastic, and with huge support from lecturers, the course has been a stepping stone for me. I’m now at university, and one step closer to my dream job."
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Jacqueline Bendoris, HNC Care and Administrative Practice


"It’s very important for children to have female and male role models, to help them develop, but also, for different kinds of understanding, interaction and play.  I’m passionate that more men should be encouraged to work in the industry."
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 Paul McGuffie, HNC Early Education and Childcare  


At Ayrshire College we understanding how important it is for care organisations to have a highly effective workforce.  Our short course programmes are designed to enhance the trainee’s skills and knowledge to enable them to implement their learning into their day to day practices.  Our tutors encourage trainees to share workplace challenges without breaching client confidentially; where possible they will try identify potential tools, techniques or further training that may be useful.

Health Care, Social Care and Early Years Courses

  •        SVQ 2 Social Services and Health Care
  •        SVQ 3 Social Services and Health Care
  •        SVQ 4 Social Services and Health Care
  •        SVQ 4 Leadership and Management of a Care Service
  •        Medical Terminology
  •        Infection Control
  •        Dementia Awareness
  •        Emergency First Aid
  •        First Aid at Work
  •        Mental Health First Aid

We also offer a wide range of other short courses and evening classes that may be of interest to you.  Please visit our Business Centre page for more information.

Our Health, Social Care and Early Years are short courses are offered throughout our Ayrshire Campuses however we are happy to deliver these on your premises or customise the content for you.  Call our Business Solutions Team on 0300 303 0303 option 4 to discuss your training requirements.