• Science

    Safety in Microbiology for Schools

  • SCQF Level

    3 SCQF Credit Points at Level 6

  • Attendance/Duration

    This course runs for 3 days

  • Start Date

    From 13 Feb 2019

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Access to this unit will be at the discretion on the centre (some prior knowledge of Microbiology is desirable).

What's Involved

This is a 3 day, practical course aimed at Science Technicians/Science teachers looking to improve their Microbiology skills and learn how to safely perform techniques required to undertake level 3 work within the SSERC approved code of practice.

The course will require candidates to pass a practical assessment in:

  • Dealing with spills in a microbiological laboratory, working an autoclave, safe disposal, making media for growth of microbes permitted to be used in schools, sub-culturing / maintaining microbiological stocks and staining microorganisms for observation under a microscope.

Written assessment will cover the code of practice for dealing with Micro-organisms in School setting, health and safety rules and theory behind practical procedures that are taught within the course.

Record keeping will be assessed using candidates lab diary


Outcome 1 – Introduction to microbiological techniques:

  • Preparation for microbiological work
  • Aseptic techniques
  • Preparation and sterilisation of media
  • Use of autoclave for sterilisation
  • Sub-culturing, slide preparation and staining
  • Treatment of spillages and disposal
  • Identifying micro-organisms using smears and Gram’s stain

Outcome 2 – Introduction to methods for disinfection and sterilisation of microbes:

  • Prepare media
  • Perform sub-culturing techniques and keep records
  • Identify microbial samples using smear techniques and the Gram’s stain test
  • Use chemical disinfectants
  • Autoclave
  • Treat spillages and dispose of waste

Go Anywhere

The candidates that satisfactorily complete the course will receive a SSERC certificate which testifies to their competence to perform level 3 microbiology work in local authority funded schools across Scotland. Science technical staff and science teachers working in schools that are offering Advanced Higher Biology course would especially benefit from obtaining this qualification. Microbiology often features as a topic in a number of Advanced Higher Biology student projects and having appropriately trained staff would enable schools to help deliver these in a competent and safe manner.

Cost = £450.00

Start Date

13 Feb 2019



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