Evening Classes

Individual Learning Account (ILA)

ILA is getting a refresh over the summer. This means that the existing scheme will be closed to new applications for a few months.

The revised scheme will come into effect in October and will be called an Individual Training Account (ITA). If you’re eligible then you’ll still be entitled to funding of up to £200 per year towards a course. The differences are that you’ll only be able to do one course in any learner year, and that courses will be geared towards helping you with getting a job or progressing in your career.

Some key dates

We're not currently issuing any new ILA applications. If you want to book a course under the existing ILA scheme:

  • 31 August 2017: Last day bookings can be made under the existing ILA scheme. Bookings can only be made for courses with a start date no later than 30 September 2017

For more information please visit My World of Work or read their FAQ's 

Once you have received your letter of award you can use your ILA towards the cost of your course. Either drop into the Finance Department or download the ILA Booking Form, complete and e-mail to coursefees@ayrshire.ac.uk along with your letter of award which can be photographed or scanned.