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What Happens Now?

Ayrshire College Student Funding teams are located in Ayr, Kilmarnock and Kilwinning campuses and support students studying at all of our campuses. They can offer advice on bursaries, childcare funding, Education Maintenance Allowance, discretionary funding, SAAS funding, student loans and attendance. The teams are here to help ensure that you receive your funding and that you are paid on the agreed payment dates. We do however need your help to ensure that you receive the funding allocated to you.

Our FE guide to funding is now available, please click the icon for more info.

FE Funding Guide 28.05.2015


Online Funding Application System

Ayrshire College operates an online bursary funding application to improve processes and response times. Students looking to apply for funding including bursaries will be able to do this online. To apply for your funding you will need your Student Reference Number to activate your account. You will receive a text from the College notifying you that your student reference number and the link to online applications has been sent to your registered email address/mailed to your home address.

The Funding Teams and Student Services Teams will be happy to assist you in completing the forms online at each of the campuses. If you have any questions related to funding please speak to the Student Funding Team on:


Telephone: 01292 293577


Telephone: 01563 495033

Kilwinning, Nethermains And irvine

Telephone: 01294 555322


Recording Attendance

Student funds are paid two weeks in arrears. If you do not have 100% attendance, you will receive a system-generated text message alerting you that your payment is currently on hold. This gives you a few days to check your attendance, speak to your lecturers if you think a marked absence is incorrect, or submit self certs to cover any absences.

Please check your attendance and take action as follows:

1.    Access the student portal and view your attendance to see where an absence has been recorded. The student portal, which can only be accessed from a computer device in the college, is available here.

2.    If this absence is a mistake please speak to your lecturer about it.

3.    If you need to submit a self-certificate you can do so at any computer, internal and external to the College, by clicking here.

4.    Remember, you are only allowed 5 self-certs per semester. Semester 2 starts on 15th January and ends 19 June.

5.    If you cannot access the student portal, please contact the MIS office in your campus and they can assist you with further details on your attendance for this period and help with submitting a paper self-certificate. Call 0300 303 0303 and dial the following extension numbers to speak to the relevant MIS team -

Ayr                     7017

Kilmarnock        4009

Kilwinning          2201


The Scottish Government has announced changes to the Educational Maintenance Programme effective from the 1 January 2016.

Are you a student between the age of 16 and 19 years and studying on a part-time basis?

If you are and you are studying on a course that leads to a recognised qualification, meets the needs of the employer or the course is a formal access course then you may be able to apply for the Educational Maintenance Allowance.

If your household income is below either £24,421 where there is only one dependent child or £26,884 where there a more than one dependent child then contact the Funding Office where you study and staff will be able to advise if you and your course are eligible.


Funding Quickguides

Our Quickguides will give you an idea of what funding you may be eligible for. Please click on the relevant guide for further details.

Full-time Married/Established relationship student

Full-time Independent student

Full-time student under 18 years of age

Full-time parentally supported student

Full-time student in receipt of benefits 


Part-time student

Full-Time Higher Education Courses - Childcare Funding