Care Students experience state-of-the-art technology

Care Students experience state-of-the-art technology

Social Services students were introduced to a new state-of-the-art ‘ageing suit’ recently, encouraging them to have a better understanding of physical difficulties that elderly people may face on a daily basis.

The idea behind the suit is to give perspective on the growing ageing population, and the challenges that come with that. The suit is made of materials that restrict movement of the knees, elbows, back and neck, and gloves that reduce the sense of touch, as well as goggles to simulate blurry vision.

For the students, this stimulatory experience emphasises the importance of thinking about future long-term care needs and the symptoms associated with age.

HNC Social Services student, Ann Fleming from Drongan said “wearing the suit gave me a really good insight into ageing or recovering from a stroke. I would like to work in Care Management so it’s really important for me to empathise with clients.”

Understanding behaviour of the elderly is a key component of Care courses and the suit is instrumental in helping students understand, empathise and encourage positive attitudes to the challenges of age.

Health & Social Care Lecturer, Joe Gallacher said “this is the best way to provide the students with the experience of what it can feel like as we get older. Scenarios like this are difficult to convey through traditional teaching methods, so the ageing suit greatly enhances an important part of the curriculum.”

27 September 2018

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