Second anti-sectarianism event takes place at Ayrshire College

Second anti-sectarianism event takes place at Ayrshire College

A group of Sport and Fitness students from Ayrshire College held a successful event at the College’s Kilmarnock Campus on Friday 20 April to help eradicate sectarianism.

‘Ayrshire Against Sectarianism’ was held in partnership with Supporters Direct Scotland. The event involved 130 pupils from Annanhill and Hillhead Primary School attending Ayrshire College’s Kilmarnock Campus to take part in multi-sports and workshops.

The event required the students to take charge and come up with their own activities and initiatives to get their message across to the Primary 5 pupils. As a thank you and a method to continue spreading awareness of this project, each pupil was given a commemorative wristband.

In addition, the students utilised their own ‘#Ayrshireagainstsectarianism’ selfie frame to go around the College and engage with students to help raise awareness of their initiative.

This is the second year Ayrshire College’s Sport and Fitness students have worked alongside Supporters Direct Scotland. This great opportunity provides the college students with a real-life experience of managing an event with external partners and requires them to work efficiently as a team. This involved the group holding regular meetings, contacting suppliers about resources needed for the event and carefully managing the budget they were allocated.

Feedback from the schools stated that “The students were excellent in terms of their communication and delivery of the event. It was evident that the students were well prepared and had planned the event to perfection. The rapport the students had with the pupils was great and the children learned a lot while still having a great day.”

Craig Tracey from the HND class said “This event was a good experience and hopefully helped to change the perception of sectarianism that the pupils who attended may have had. It also helps to raise awareness of the different cultures within our local community.”

Alan Johnston, Sport and Fitness lecturer at Ayrshire College, said “This unique opportunity provides our students with the chance to showcase their key organisational and management skills to external partners. The excellent feedback from the schools highlights how much hard work and effort our students put in to make the event educational and fun.”

30 April 2018

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