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Former student inspires at College Summer School

Former student inspires at College Summer School

Former sports student returned to Ayrshire College with the army to inspire young people on the Pez Summer School programme.

Jonny Stevenson from Troon came to College over the summer, this time as a soldier with the Royal Regiment of Scotland 2nd Battalion who are doing a fitness challenge with all the colleges throughout Scotland.

Jonny says, “This tour is about engaging with young people and letting them see a different side of the army by talking to people and giving them an insight into my career. I hope I can inspire them and let them see how being in the armed forces has helped me change my life.”

“I left Queen Margaret Academy and came straight to college to complete an NC Health and Fitness course. I had always loved PE at school and I thought I would work my way up to being a sports coach or a PE teacher.

“I was quite shy when I started here but the course brought me out of my shell. From day one I was learning how to work as a team and I was given opportunities to take charge of a team and really engage with people.

“The army has always interested me and I had some friends who had joined up already and had achieve great success. I aspired to the lifestyle of having a great job, my own home and car and I really am living the dream now.

“I am a front line soldier and I’ve had opportunities to see the world. I’ve been to Kenya, Afghanistan, Oman, Dubai and I am just about to leave for a six month tour to Iraq. I’ve also had incredible opportunities to play sport for the army. I have played golf in a competition in Miami and I play football – which is a really high standard in the forces, so it’s an honour to be chosen for the team.

“When I am not on tour I am part of the Ayrshire recruitment team and I’m delighted to be back at the College talking to Pez Summer School students and taking them through some fitness routines. Sport is a great way to engage young people and I hope I have encouraged some of them to find out more about my career.”

Tom Marner, Inclusion and Engagement Team Leader said, “It was great to have Jonny along to work with the students and for them to hear about some of the career opportunities for the future. Because he was a student here himself, the students could really relate to his experience and were motivated to take part in all the activities. The Pez course is aimed at young people who don’t always find it easy to engage in education. The summer school is designed to provide a variety of different experiences to find out what they are good at.”

31 July 2017

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