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Hair Exhibition held at Ayrshire College

Hair Exhibition held at Ayrshire College

Hairdressing students at Ayrshire College pulled off some stunning designs recently, as they showed off their skills at a Hair Exhibition held at the Kilmarnock Campus.

NC Level 6 and City & Guilds Level 3 students were required to create at least two designs, with one hairstyle to be inspired by a film.

Here are just some of the incredible ideas the students came up with.

Siobhan McNiven, Kilmarnock, said "My theme was strong independent females. I had Cinderella which was influenced by my two young daughters. The second was Poison Ivy, where I took my interpretation from roses, flowers, and nature. I was pleased as punch."

Devon Milligan, 19 from Maybole, said "I did my own take on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I also picked an avant-garde design and worked hard on my research until I got the look I wanted. I really enjoyed it."

Moira Toomey, 58 from Hurlford, said "I designed the clown and the Black Swan. I did a lot of research and came up with a plan of how I would create the look. Everything went into place quite easily on the day."

Rowan Graham, 24 from Stewarton, said "We have been working up to this day all year. My ideas for the exhibition were an ice queen and the Great Gatsby. It all came together very well."

Emma Cowan, 20 from Kilmarnock, said "I picked the Disney film Tangled. We had five hours to perfect our looks and on the day it all looked good."

Elaine Jones, 29 from Kilmarnock, said "My ideas for the hair designs were Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games and a native American. I saw a photo of a model with a dreamcatcher in her hair so I decided to go down the Native American theme."

Congratulations to all of the students involved!

17 May 2017

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