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Meet Ayrshire College’s family of mechanics

Meet Ayrshire College’s family of mechanics

A trio of sisters are studying at Ayrshire College at the same time, and amazingly all three are enrolled on Motor Vehicle courses.

Sarah Cruickshank is the eldest at 25 and has been at Ayrshire College since 2014. Shannon, 19, followed in her footsteps soon after while youngest sibling Rachel, 17, has just started at the College.

Shannon is studying via the day release route and is in her final year before becoming fully qualified, while Rachel and Sarah are in their first and third years respectively on the full-time course option.

Their father runs his own mechanics company – J&S Motors in Hurlford - which initially sparked their interest in working with cars, and now they all dream of working in the family business together.

Sarah said “It’s not normally heard of – three sisters studying the same subject at college.

“I’ve always liked cars but I’d never pursued going to college before for some reason. Then a few years ago, when I was working full-time, I decided to just go for it and apply for college. I’ve loved it ever since.”

Shannon said “I never thought when I left school that I would want to be a mechanic. But when my Dad opened his own garage, I thought I’d give it a try. Three years later here I am with no regrets.

“I actually started working at my Dad’s garage and he’s put me through day release, which means I come to college once a week and work as a mechanic the other four.”

Rachel also works at her father’s MOT garage whenever she’s not attending college at Kilmarnock, and is able to drawn on her more experienced sister Shannon’s guidance now and again.

She said “I started at the garage when I was still at school, so I work with Shannon and she’s able to help me when I need it, as I’m just getting started.

“I’m doing great on my course so far but I know there’s a long way to go, and my sisters have explained that it does get more challenging as I progress.”

Sarah is not employed at the MOT garage as she works full-time as a waitress instead. However she tries to go there whenever she finds time, and would eventually like to work at the MOT garage when she’s finished at college.

David Middleton, Curriculum Manager for Trades at Ayrshire College, said of the sisters “While Sarah, Shannon and Rachel are all at different stages at the College, it’s interesting to have three members of the same family studying the same course subject.

“All three are progressing extremely well and I am sure they will make exceptional mechanics once they complete their time at Ayrshire College.”

11 January 2017

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