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Students promote good health at Kilwinning Campus

Students promote good health at Kilwinning Campus

An Ayrshire College class has been passing on health tips to staff and students at the College’s Kilwinning Campus.

The College’s Access to Nursing group promoted healthy eating, safe alcohol consumption, safe sexual health, and the prevention of infection at pop-up stalls within the foyer of the campus.

Access to Nursing is a course that prepares adult returners for a career in adult, mental health or learning disability nursing.

The health promotion activity gave the students vital experience of providing helpful information to members of the public.

Student Pauline Brady said “We knew this was the first time an activity like this has been done by students and we all wanted it to go well. All four stalls were interactive and we had a great response from everyone who visited them.

“The best part for many of us was seeing the moment people had their realisations, which showed us that what we were doing was having a real impact. Knowing that you have made an impression on someone's future health feels great.

“The class felt the whole activity went really well and the support from our class members and lecturers was fantastic. We really do appreciate being given this opportunity by the College. I think I can safely say it's been a proud day for all of us!”

21 April 2017

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