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Ayrshire College takes its technology on the road

Ayrshire College takes its technology on the road

Ayrshire College is touring Ayrshire schools in order to showcase the technology that they are utilising to support their students.

The Learning Technology Roadshow is taking place over the next two months, with Learning Technologist Russell Wilson and Kevan Scade, the technology lead from the College’s Staff Learning and Development team, visiting primary and secondary schools across Ayrshire.

They will be highlighting all of the fascinating technologies employed at Ayrshire College, while also investigating any additional technologies being used in the schools’ classrooms.

The first roadshow took place at Arran High School on Wednesday 10 January and so far they have also been to Queen Margaret Academy on Tuesday 16 January.

Pupils have been going on Virtual Reality Expeditions and using Augmented Reality, which includes a demo of the Microsoft HoloLens and interactive wearable t-shirts for studying anatomy.

The idea for the Learning Technology Roadshow events came following discussions with teachers at an Ayrshire TeachMeet.

The Ayrshire TeachMeet events are organised by Ayrshire College and bring educators from schools, colleges and universities together to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights into teaching with technology.

Through speaking to local school teachers, Russell and Kevan established that they were interested in the work Ayrshire College is doing and would like to share that with their classes.

The Ayrshire College team initially offered six visits to schools, which were all snapped up within 10 minutes. A further eight visits were also filled quickly after offering them.

Russell said “We were really surprised and overwhelmed by the interest generated from our initial offer. We are looking forward to attending all the schools that have made contact with us so far. We’ve been really excited by both the students and staff responses to the two roadshows that have been delivered.

“The feedback so far from the staff has been excellent. We have been told that some students who do not normally participate in this sort of activity have been interacting just as much as the other students.

“There are many benefits to running these events. We are seeing great levels of understanding and engagement with the technology we are demonstrating.

“Apart from getting students to engage with learning it is also beneficial for us to see how a student’s journey with technology starts at the primary school level and also where they are at before leaving secondary school.

“This can help us to understand what we need to do to give them the best experience at college. We also want to show what the College has to offer in terms of the equipment that potential future students would have access to should they choose Ayrshire College to study at.”

19 January 2018

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