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Students back Ayrshire College’s Respect campaign

Students back Ayrshire College’s Respect campaign

A group of students have helped Ayrshire College keep its campus spotless.

Social Sciences students Dylan Adams, Bronwyn Irvine, Cara Jennings, and Ethan Jess organised three days of litter picking as part of the volunteering unit of their course.

Liaising with Estates Team Leader Michael Sykes on the Ayr Campus, the students filled bags with rubbish found at the surrounding areas of the Dam Park, Riverside and Aeronautical Training Centre buildings.

The students were inspired to pitch in after they became aware of Ayrshire College’s Respect campaign, which involves encouraging students and staff to use the correct bins when disposing of their litter.

Billy Gemmell, a Campus Assistant at the Ayr Campus, said during an interview for the Respect campaign “We have a lot of bins out but it’s not necessarily about the number of bins you put out – you could put 10 bins out or 1,000, but you’ll still find litter lying on the grounds if people choose not to use them.

“The more rubbish around the campus, the more time we spend dealing with it. We could be spending our time doing other important tasks, so I would ask people to dispose of their rubbish in the appropriate bins.”

The students’ litter picking project was arranged by Bronwyn and Cara, with Dylan and Ethan joining in.

Cara said “We wanted to raise awareness of how much litter is out there and how much work the Estates team does to combat it. This was us doing our small part for the Respect campaign at Ayrshire College.

“We spoke with Michael and told him what we were planning to do. He seemed happy that we appreciate the work that they do and that we were volunteering to help out.”

Dylan said “You don’t realise how much litter there actually is until you pick it up and put it in the bag.”

Ethan said “The world is polluted with litter and we need to respect our environment, especially where we live. If we don’t then it’s all going to fall apart.”

12 January 2018

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