School/College Partnership

 School Pupils: Did you know that there are a number of options to study at college while you are still at school?

Schools and colleges are dedicated to working together to ensure that young people are given the opportunity to gain vocational experience and to study a subject that might not be available to them at school.

Why was the school college partnership created?

School college partnerships are part of the Developing the Young Workforce Initiative to reduce youth unemployment. It seeks to ensure a work relevant educational experience for young people and enable them to make informed and ambitious choices about jobs and careers. Discussions with employers have revealed they are seeking to recruit young people with work related experience and skills.  Ayrshire College's Developing the Young Workforce Team works closely with all Ayrshire Secondary Schools to create the best opportunities and experiences for young people in Ayrshire. 

What are the benefits?

Studying at college during S4-S6 at school will enable pupils to gain additional skills and experience to prepare them for future studies and/or career. 

How do I know what course to choose? 

Careful guidance and career advice within schools makes sure that pupils make the choice that is right for them. It is important to consider the pupils interests and skills, as well as what their motivation is for taking the course. 

There are a range of courses available for pupils to take while they are still at school.  Foundation Apprenticeships are also a new addition to Ayrshire College this year. 


School-College Courses will open for applications on the 15th January 2018 - 31st March 2018


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Pupil Spotlight

"I’ve always had a passion for cooking and thought it would give me a true understanding of what the hospitality industry is like to work in." - Nicole Allan, Professional Cookery

"I never knew we would do so much, and it’s really good fun. I like that it’s something you can try while at school. Feels like it sets me up for what I want to do when I leave. I feel a bit more prepared now."- Amanda Barr, Early Education and Childcare

"Although the metalwork is great fun I’d say the electrical work is my favourite part of the course. But also meeting new people and having that extra responsibility. It’s great I love everything about it really." Jacob Adamson, Performing Engineering Operations


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Adam Green and Ashleigh Read

Callum Stewart, Cherona Clark and Cole Archibald

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