South Ayrshire Schools




Programme Name 


Local Authority

Advanced Higher Biology  Kilmarnock Campus  East Ayrshire
Advanced Higher Chemistry Kilmarnock Campus  East Ayrshire
ESOL (Level 4) Kilwinning Campus  North Ayrshire 
ESOL (Level 5) Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
Film-Making (Including NPA Digital Media Editing) Ayr Campus South Ayrshire
Foundation Apprenticeship: Civil Engineering Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
Foundation Apprenticeship: Engineering  Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
Foundation Apprenticeship: Hardware and Systems Support Kilwinning Campus North Ayrshire
Foundation Apprenticeship Information Technology: Software Development Ayr Campus   South Ayrshire
Foundation Apprenticeship Social Services: Children and Young People Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
Higher Psychology  Ayr Campus   South Ayrshire
Introduction to Construction Industry  Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
NPA Bakery  Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
NPA Beauty Skills with Hairdressing  Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
NPA Computer Games Development  Ayr Campus   South Ayrshire 
NPA Sound Production Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
NPA Sports & Fitness (Team Sports Football) Prestwick Academy  South Ayrshire
Portfolio Work (Including Life Drawing and Print Making) Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
Skills for work Construction Craft  Ayr Campus   South Ayrshire
Skills for work Early Education and Childcare (National 4) Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
Skills for work Early Education and Childcare (National 5) Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire
Skills for work Engineering Skills  Ayr Campus   South Ayrshire
Technical Theatre Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire