How many ways are there to study?


If you choose to study full-time you will normally be expected to attend lectures and classes at one of the College campuses between three and five days a week.


The College offers a range of courses available on a part-time basis where you can study at your own pace, often alongside full-time students.

The main difference between a full-time and part-time course is that you will attend fewer classes each week and will spread your study over a longer period of time. The flexibility of part-time courses allows you to decide the number of hours you want to give to your studies each term.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is where your chosen course is studied at a distance to the College itself. A wide range of Open Learning packages are available for you to study in the comfort of your own home, supported by a College-based tutor through phone, e-mail, letter or face-to face (by appointment). Some courses may require very occasional visits to the College for access to specialised equipment or assessment.

Evening Classes

There are a range of evening classes and qualifications available at each campus. Classes are designed to aid career development, provide professional training or simply help you learn a new hobby. Evening classes can last from six weeks up to two years.

January Start Courses

Our January start courses are six month, full-time programmes. These courses allow you to complete your studies in a shorter period of time and often 'fast-track' your progression onto the next level of study in August.

Certificated Courses

Certificated courses include qualifications accredited by several different organisations:

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

More information is available under Qualifications Explained.

Non-Certificated Courses

These courses are undertaken to learn a skill and to increase knowledge and understanding. They do not have assessments or award a certificate on completion but will enable you to become more knowledgeable in a specific subject area.