Inclusive Learning (Additional Support)

Support available

Inclusive Learning computer.jpg

  • Confidential assessment of your needs – you will meet with a member of the team who will discuss your needs with you in confidence
  • Dyslexia Screening – this would be carried out with you by a member, after an initial discussion, if you are concerned you may have dyslexia
  • Equipment Loan (e.g. digital voice recorders/laptop)
  • Demonstrations in the use of assistive technology (e.g. Texthelp)
  • Workshops and 1:1 support in Study Strategy and Organisational Skills
  • Learning Assistant Support (for example to read, scribe or note take)
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Alternative assessment and exam arrangements
  • Help with applying for Disabled Student’s Allowance
  • Liaison with Curriculum Staff
  • Referral to other support available within the College (e.g. College Counsellor)
  • Working in partnership with external agencies who support you
  • Pastoral support in relation to learning.

The details of your support will be written in to your personal support plan (PLSP) with your agreement. Your assigned Inclusive Learning Assistant or Inclusive Learning Officer will work with you and staff to ensure you are supported in the best way throughout your course. We will encourage you to be as independent as possible.