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Volunteers - HBSA Hospital Radio - Crosshouse Hospital

This opportunity benefits the volunteer by helping to develop communication skills and self-confidence and also through the enjoyment of sharing their taste in music and their interests. The listener (user) benefits by being provided with a unique free source of entertainment specifically produced with them in mind. The aim of HBSA is to train presenters to be able to access the studios, broadcast their prepared show on time, and leave the facility secure without the need for any assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: When the trainee is approved they are then asked to pay the £20 per year membership fee (£10 for juniors – 16 -17 year olds). Once training is completed Volunteers are expected to work alone.

Full training will be given on all studio procedures and equipment “off air”. There is no set period for training as some will learn quicker than others. Broadcast training is done in structured and staged way allowing the trainee to master one thing before moving on to another. At the end of their training the trainee will produce a short 20 – 30 min demo show for the committee to hear prior to them being approved to go on air.

To produce and broadcast entertaining radio shows for the patients, on Crosshouse Hospital’s radio service. All positions are voluntary. Studio discipline and broadcasting rules will be dealt with during training.

We have two modern air-conditioned studios on the ground floor of the hospital accessible by all regardless of mobility etc. The hospital is well-served by public transport and is well appointed with comfort facilities.


Contact: Maureen Murphy at the Volunteer Centre East Ayrshire Tel: 07880-035-472 or E-mail: