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May 8, 2019 -

Did you know there is a shortage of engineers? Right now, qualified engineers are in extremely high demand, with thousands of new engineers needed every year in Scotland alone. As an engineer, you will spend your time working with others to solve problems and overcome difficulties. Every day will be different, as new tasks and solutions present themselves.

There are many local companies that recruit engineers on an annual basis, so there are plenty of career opportunities available.  Many of these companies work with others around the world, so the chance to travel and work around the world is always a possibility.

Interested in engineering? Find out more about our new engineering courses:

HNC Mechatronics

Why study engineering?

We’ve asked some of our students why they have chosen this career and here is what they said:

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Emily Wason, NC Mechanical Engineering

“I love engineering as it allows me to create and build things and I love working with my hands. I feel an enormous sense of achievement when I stand back and look back on what I have just made.” Emily Wason, NC Mechanical Engineering. 

“There will always be a need and demand for engineers, and this appealed to me.” Fraser Wilson, Mechanical Engineering Modern Apprentice.

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Ruairi Wallace, HND Aircraft Engineering

“Growing up I loved Lego® Technic and other construction based toys which helped me develop a sense of creativity and a curiosity into how the machines I modelled, would work in real life. This inspired me to follow a career in aircraft engineering.” Ruairi Wallace, HND Aircraft Engineering

“I wanted to be part of something where I could see what I had created put into practice. Engineering design was the perfect choice. The best thing about being an engineer is being part of a team which works together to deliver a final product.” Douglas McClinton, HND Aircraft Engineering

“Because of the wide variety of work I get to do in my apprenticeship you never see the same thing twice. Your mind is constantly going and you’re learning something new every day. I think you never stop learning.” Megan Forrest, Modern Apprentice

Engineering is a fast moving industry at the cutting edge of technology, working in engineering today is exciting, as for the future – you will be helping create it!

There are opportunities to work all over the world, while still at the College. Our engineering students have been to Canada, the United States, Iran and beyond.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Steven McNab, Apprentice Leader, GE Aviation said: 

“Engineering will provide you with an illustrious career and an experience that will last you a lifetime. Ayrshire offers diverse engineering opportunities where you would enjoy a competitive salary and benefits package enabling a comfortable lifestyle. Our Apprentice Programme and strong partnership with Ayrshire College delivers “The Engineers of the future!”

Are you right for the job?

If you are good at maths and science, if you’ve got a logical and inquisitive mind, enjoy problem solving and are curious to know how things work, you’ve got it in you to make a great engineer!

If you are the type of person who wants to know how things work,  and enjoy taking things apart, you enjoy tackling problems and coming up with new solutions – then engineering is definitely something you should consider.

What employers want?

Employers are looking for a methodical approach to tasks; being able to work through things one step at a time. An ability to work as part of a team or as an individual, taking on the responsibility required to see things through.

They are also looking for positive minded people who are enthusiastic, hardworking, have a good attitude, good timekeeping and attendance record, and a good skillset.

The main skillset they require to succeed within this industry are excellent hand skills, good communication, team working and effective problem solving.

Can my College course lead to a Modern Apprenticeship?

Yes! Over the last two years 120 students have been placed in apprenticeships with our partners. This continues to improve our great relations with local employers and improve the skills gaps between the College and local businesses.

What’s the Engineering Academy about?

The Engineering Academy is a widening access initiative run by Strathclyde University. The academy is for school leavers with 4 B’s (which include Maths and Physics) to apply for entry to a range of engineering degree programmes. Entry to engineering at university normally requires 4 A’s and 1 B, or 5 A’s.

Students who enrol in the Engineering Academy will attend the College for the first year to study an HNC Mechanical Engineering joining second year of a Strathclyde University degree programme. Students are also offered paid summer work placements throughout the duration of their time on the programme.”

You can find out more about the Engineering Academy here.

Investing in talent and technology

We can’t stand still we have to prepare our students for the future. We do this by innovating new courses each year, by building relationships with employers and maintaining the quality of what we do.  Two new courses we have for this year are HNC Mechatronics and HNC CAD/CAM.

Mechatronics combines electronics and mechanical engineering. This combination is used in the design of products and manufacturing. Application of mechatronics results in synchronizing a mechanical structure with its control, using electronic systems. An industrial robot is a good example of mechatronics.

CAD/CAM means Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacture. CAD/CAM software is used to design and manufacture prototypes, finished products and production runs. Specifically it means programming CNC machines.

When you provide the right resources and learning environment for people you create the motivation for people to achieve success in their studies. We have invested over £500K in three CNC Mazak and Doosan machines and Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Siemens and SMC training rigs to help students learn about all the main areas of automation engineering.

Go anywhere

Ayrshire College has an articulation agreement with Caledonian University and if you have successfully achieved HNC/HND Electrical Engineering you can move into year 2 (with HNC) or year 3 with (HND) in the following courses:

MEng/BEng (Hons) Electrical Power Engineering or MEng Electrical, Electronic and Energy Engineering or MEng/BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

If you are part of the Engineering Academy you will be studying HNC Mechanical Engineering and will be able to progress into year 2 at the University of Strathclyde and choose from a range of degree courses.

If further studies are not for you, speak to the employers that regularly visit and recruit from our courses.  Many of our students gain employment with a Modern Apprenticeship and study at the college part-time.


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