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May 1, 2019 - Katie Ralston

Often young people leave school with little or no qualifications, with limited essential skills, low self-confidence, and in some cases no ‘next’ step.  If this sounds remotely like you, maybe a HIVE course is your next opportunity?

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Former HIVE student Paul Riley is now working towards a career in Residential Youth Work. We caught up with him to hear his inspiring story and see what’s next for him.

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Paul Riley

Paul’s message to anyone thinking of starting in the HIVE:

“The course boosted my confidence massively. Before, I don’t think I could even be sitting here right now talking about myself. I recommend the course to everyone!”

Paul has been on quite a journey so far with Ayrshire College. He has progressed from the Prince’s Trust, through PEZ, PEZ Plus, Step into Youth Work, and will be starting Level 6 Working with Communities in August this year (2019).

Paul has shared his story in the hope it will inspire others to get started on their journey in the HIVE.

After School

“When I left school I worked for about eight years. I felt I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do, as I was working in fast food, so I spoke to the team at Ayrshire College and started the Prince’s Trust course. I did it before a number of years ago, but I just felt last year I wasn’t where I wanted to be, so enrolled in the course again. I really enjoyed the format of Prince’s Trust course as it was less about classroom work, and more about team projects.

The course boosted my confidence massively, before I don’t think I could even be sitting here right now talking about myself. I recommend the course to everyone!

I am a voluntary Youth Worker for a couple of groups in Ayr working with South Ayrshire Council. Whenever Prince’s Trust are recruiting for their courses at the College, I always make sure the youth groups know and understand the benefits of the programmes.

There seems to be a time during the 12 weeks where things change. For me, it was at the residential week when I started to take on some leadership responsibilities. My confidence just skyrocketed.”

After the HIVE

“I use the experiences I have gained in job interviews. For example, when I am asked about my teamwork skills, I can talk about the project we did building a log cabin. I have been able to demonstrate my teamwork skills, leadership skills, communication skills and so much more. I also had the opportunity to go on a work placement for two weeks and got a reference from an employer.”

End Goal

“I am currently training to be an Assistant Team Leader with Prince’s Trust. I work with Community Learning Development groups at Ayr Academy, and volunteer in a few youth groups as well. I am excited to keep going in this direction, and make a difference for young people.

Now I feel like I am getting where I want to be. My goal is to work in residential youth work with kids in care. Everything I am doing is pushing me towards that direction. I have friends that have been in care and they talk about their experiences. I feel I understand how they think and feel, and could really make a difference for others in that position.

I am excited to start the Working with Communities (Level 6) course in August, and see what’s next for me.”

Do you think the HIVE could be your next step?

The HIVE courses are short part-time courses that usually run for 12 weeks at a time. There are progression routes through the HIVE that can offer you the support and essential skills you may need to successfully move onto a full-time course, or your ‘next’ step.

Don’t hold back, contact us if you want to know more here.


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