The HIVE could be your Next Step

April 30, 2019 - Katie Ralston

Often young people leave school with little or no qualifications, with limited essential skills, low self-confidence, and in some cases no ‘next’ step.  If this sounds remotely like you, maybe a HIVE course is your next opportunity?

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Former HIVE student Chloe Barclay is now working as a Support Worker for children with additional support needs. We caught up with Chloe to hear her inspiring story, and see what’s next for her.

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Chloe Barclay

Chloe’s message to anyone thinking of starting in the HIVE:

“I don’t think I would have ever done any other college courses had I not started with Prince’s Trust. It was definitely the best stepping stone for me.”

Chloe spoke about leaving school and working for three years, before she started the Prince’s Trust course at college. The HIVE was the route she felt would help her gain some qualifications to progress onto a full-time course.

Prince’s Trust

“Before the Prince’s Trust course, I was really shy and had no confidence. I don’t really know what happened during the 12 week course, but it just helped. I think because everyone else on the course was going through similar challenges to me, we all just kind of bonded.

It’s a team building programme, so everyone is encouraged to work together. It means you form a kind of unit with the group, and everyone is doing it together, encouraging and supporting each other through it. I think that’s what helped me come out of my shell and helped me believe that I can do what’s put in front of me.

With the Prince’s Trust, it’s not classroom based, you are constantly active. We got to go on residential trips and work on community projects, as well as work through a folder of work with six units we had to achieve. Each unit matches the projects we are doing. It’s a worthwhile course where you really do get something out of it.

I don’t think I would have ever done any other college courses had I not started with Prince’s Trust. It was definitely the best stepping stone for me.”

After the HIVE

After Prince’s Trust, Chloe progressed to Step into Youth Work, and then completed an HNC Working with Communities course. During this time, she also trained to be an Assistant Team Leader with Prince’s Trust.

“I also enjoyed the Step into Youth Work course and HNC Working with Communities. Both of these courses have helped me get where I am now. I have developed skills and knowledge about teamwork, leadership, learning styles, communication, and the role of a youth worker. In the HNC course, I studied a range of sociological theories such as feminism, poverty, unemployment and social injustice.”

End Goal

“Last year I was trained as a Team Leader by the Prince’s Trust, and hope to be employed with them in the future. I have been working here at Ayrshire College on a voluntary basis, as well as being employed as a Support Worker for Children with additional support needs.”

Do you think the HIVE could be your next step?

The HIVE courses are short part-time courses that usually run for 12 weeks at a time. There are progression routes through the HIVE that can offer you the support and essential skills you may need to successfully move onto a full-time course, or your ‘next’ step.

Don’t hold back, contact us if you want to know more here. 

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