What is the Ayrshire College Student Association?

February 8, 2018 - Martin Currie

Following a work experience placement during the College’s Marketing team’s busiest period, Loren has been shadowing the Student Association’s Student President and Student Vice President – Lainey McKinlay and Lora Miller respectively – to find out about the work they do.

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Loren spent three days with the Student Association team and has agreed to share her experience on our blog.

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"I was looking forward to working with Lainey and Lora. I was a little bit nervous at first but they’re really fun people so it was easy for me to feel happy about working at the Student Association.

"They’re a very important team in the College. They do a lot to help support students and make sure they have fun, too. I was able to speak to some students and understand the issues that can come up in their courses. The team talk to students from every single curriculum area so there’s lots of different issues to deal with.

"I think every student should use the Student Association because they’d get to know more students outside of their course. Plus if they have any problems at college, or even in their personal lives, they can get help.

"Through working with Lainey and Lora, I’ve realised just how important teamwork is. They’re both good at talking each other through their ideas and opinions, and will help the other if they’re stuck on any tasks.

"One of the best things we did was setting up a photo booth for students and staff to dress up. We had a good laugh with everyone who came for their photograph.

"Another activity we planned was all about finding out what students think of the Student Association. We set up a stall and got lots of answers that will help Lainey to plan her work.

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"The whole experience was amazing and it’s really helped me to understand the issues and experiences that other people can have at college. My emailing skills have also improved as I was tasked with organising an email campaign.

"The placement has definitely met my expectations. Lainey and Lora made me feel so welcome and they were both very generous with their time. They also gave me an official jumper, so I’m now an honorary member of the Ayrshire College Student Association!"

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