Finding the Ups

June 11, 2020 - Lisa Little

Who would’ve thought that 2020 would end up like this!?

There’s now over 40,500 people in the UK who have tragically died from this terrible disease. It has forced us to change our lifestyles and has been a really difficult time for all of us - I do hope and pray that scientist will find a vaccine soon. Although, I believe as well as all the negativity there has been some positives to; clapping for the NHS and key workers, providing food for those who are in need, or receiving a phone call or hand written card/letter asking how we are – all genuine acts of kindness.

Through this period of lockdown I have missed meeting and going out with my Mum and my friends. I go shopping for my Mum a couple of times a week so I do get to see her from afar but it’s not the same as going a wee run to the garden centre and having a cuppa in their café. Being on lockdown has made me realise how much I appreciate my Mum and my good friends and that time spent with them is very precious indeed.

I live on my own, well not quite I have three, 9 month old kittens (Lucy, Molly and Sophie) who have been keeping me busy and entertained. They like to help me with work by stretching on my keyboard or attacking the cursor on my screen. Sophie has managed to start a Team call with Senna who was like what’s going on do we have a call today? Eh no. It was my cat. Senna’s main shock came from the fact that she was stuffing her face with food at the time Sophie called LOL!

Another time I was on a Zoom call with David Lancaster and Lucy ran in, nothing unusual there, but then in the corner of my eye I saw something fluttering around, it was a wee baby bird, so I sprang into action managed to get the little bird away from Lucy’s grasp, let it go and it flew into the trees, all this was witnessed by David who was still on Zoom. Warning to anything that moves, these girls are crazy cats but I love them.

I enjoy walking, especially along the sand, listening to the ebb and flow of the tide and the salty air is just refreshing. During Mental Health Awareness Week (18 to 24 May) Music Department was asking staff for songs that make us happy, this collection of songs was placed on Spotify and shared with staff. I was reminded of so many great songs, but there was one in particular that is called “The Sea” by Morcheeba, this is a fabulous chillaxing song. If you haven’t heard it before, go on, give it a listen.

I want to improve my health so I have purchased a new bike hoping that this will help me explore other parts of Ayrshire as well as improve my fitness. I have bought a nice blue cycling helmet, hi vis jacket, bike lock and a new backpack, all I need now is the actual bike to arrive – this week I hope!

This period of uncertainty has been a worrying time, although it has provided me personally with time to reflect and to realise how much I appreciate and miss spending time with my wee Mum and my friends, how much I miss the freedom to venture out to visit places. Although, it’s wonderful to see acts of kindness shown by people. I have enjoyed being able to go walks down the beach as I feel that this has helped ground me and keep my health and wellbeing in check.

I hope you can find some positives from this period in lockdown.

Please keep well and stay safe.


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