It's good to stay connected

March 25, 2020 - Jane Moore

It’s good to stay connected and hear how our other colleagues are getting on.

This one is from Jane in our marketing team and how she felt on her first day working from home last week.

This was my first day working from home last week, sharing my workspace with my dog 🙂

"To be honest, I am not especially looking forward to working from home. It’s not that I don’t love being at home, I do, but this feeling of having to, is not quite the same as wanting to be at home.

I already miss the constant interaction we have at College, especially in our team. And, I am actually drinking more tea here than I do in the office. Yes, it is possible to drink more tea!!

Having said that, the amount of WhatsApp messages, emails, Teams messages, mobile notifications are making our new normal a lot easier to deal with. It’s good to know we are all in this together.

Also glad we are getting regular updates from the College and hints and tips from the other departments to make our working from home scenario play out a lot smoother.

I love a routine, so that’s what I’ll be doing every working day. Getting up at the same time, logging on at the same time every day and working through my list to keep a bit of normality.

Today has been all about logging in and logging back out again! Only to be expected when there’s so many of us trying to work from home too.

Sure it’ll be second nature before long. It’s nice and peaceful for now, that’ll definitely change next week when the girls are off school. That’ll be more of a challenge than anything!

Feel free to phone whenever you like, as talking to Radio 2’s Zoe Ball in the morning is a bit sad!"

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