Amy always knew that she wanted to have a career in sport,,,

July 13, 2021 - Hayley Trousdale

Amy always knew that she wanted to have a career in sport, and after studying at Ayrshire College she now works as a PE Teacher and Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor.

Now is the time to join the fitness industry and Amy tells us more about studying with us and what she is doing now...


"Sport was always the only thing I felt good at and confident doing. I started at Ayrshire College when I left school in 2011 and joined the NC Sports Coaching and Development course. I continued at Ayrshire College for a further 3 years working my way through the NC Advanced, HNC and HND sports coaching and development courses. I loved college! The courses were all great and gave everyone an opportunity to learn new things and gain experience in a wide range of different sports. I gained so much confidence in my coaching while learning lifelong skills to help me in my career. I met so many amazing people including friends for life who I still am in contact with today, as well as the lecturers and staff within the college. They were very friendly and always there to help and give their support!

I'm currently in my probationary year as a Physical Education teacher at the Robert Burns Academy, and I love it! My day is based around teaching physical education within the school to pupils from primary 5 to S6. Most nights I spent my time as a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor at my family-owned gym, The Fitness Box, where I take several fitness classes and personal training sessions with my clients.

I loved PE at school, and it was the only subject which I got good grades in. I knew I wanted a career in this area throughout my school years. I had a great relationship with my PE teachers and the staff within the department, and I always felt confident and comfortable when I was down at PE.

Through gaining my HND at Ayrshire College, I was able to gain a place at the University West of Scotland to complete my undergraduate course in Sports Coaching and Development. From my HND I got straight into 3rd year at university and within 2 years had completed the course and gained an Honours Degree. This enabled me to apply and gain an offer for the PGDE Physical Education course. Throughout my time at college, I gained several different qualifications including coaching badges for a wide range of sports including football, basketball, table tennis, netball, rugby, and gym instructing, all of which helped me to get to where I am today.

Being a physical education teacher was always my dream job! Ever since leaving school it was my only passion and future career vision. I love everything about it but more specifically I love meeting new people and building relationships with staff and pupils within the school. I love being able to teach a job that I am passionate about and pass my knowledge onto pupils to enable them to be successful learners. I love seeing pupils progress and succeed within my lessons, as well as seeing them build up confidence and develop personal skills.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in the sport and fitness industry to study on these courses and don’t give up at the first hurdle! I have studied for a total of 9 years to get where I am today, and I could have given up a million times – KEEP GOING AND PUSH THROUGH because it’s worth it. Enjoy it and make new friends.

The advice I would give is to just go for it!! There is never a time in your life where it's too late to learn or get a job you have always wanted. Your life will be much easier if you are waking up every morning to go to a job that you love."


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