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March 26, 2021 - Heather Rae

Did you know you can go on to become a travel agent, hotel manager, air hostess or even work on a cruise ship, as well as many more jobs if you decide on this career path. People who tend to choose this course have a love for travelling and a passion for learning.

We spoke to Travel and Tourism student Heather Rae to find out more about what studying Travel and Tourism means to her.

Why did you choose this course?

When I was in fifth year of school my Travel and Tourism teacher at the time suggested that I should do a Travel and Tourism course as I have a passion for travel, and so I started with NC Travel and Tourism at Ayrshire College.

I have traveled to different countries with family and friends over the years, and felt inspired. I would like to inspire more people with disabilities to travel the world.

I chose this course because I am passionate about travel and it was something that I wanted to learn more about. Before the pandemic, I was a frequent traveller, and my experiences have made me want to pursue a career in travel.

I moved back to Scotland a few years ago and was looking for a course to do, when I came across HNC Travel and Tourism. I have always loved travelling and the course is an ideal way to learn more about the Travel and Tourism industry and how it operates. I completed HNC level before moving on to HND, and it's great fun!  It helps that all the lecturers are friendly and supportive.

What did you learn about yourself and what skills did you develop on this course?

Studying Travel and Tourism it has given me a complete confidence boost. We currently study marketing and that was a subject I was a bit unsure about as I didn't believe I had the knowledge to be able to complete the work given. Over the past few months, it has quickly become my favourite subject and it has given me a whole new outlook on marketing.  I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what your background, education or knowledge is, it's if you apply yourself and are interested enough then you can do anything. Gaining this confidence on this subject has helped me in other areas of the course as well.

I have developed my knowledge and learned a lot about tourist attractions, how the industry works and companies within the industry. I think I have developed my confidence more as well as becoming more sociable as well. These skills are also going to help me in my everyday life.

Being at college has given me a lot of independence over the years, carrying out certain tasks and problem solving. My communication skills have certainly improved - being able to talk in front of an audience and doing presentations and talks. I have also learnt so many IT skills and research skills throughout the course which will benefit me in the future.

I felt that my confidence has significantly improved such as approaching people in situation that would have avoided in the past.

Would you recommend the course?

I would recommend this course to others. I’ve had a great experience since studying here at Ayrshire College and can’t fault the course at all. I think if you enjoy the idea of working in the travel industry and you are willing to take on the demands of the course, it’s a great experience.

Along with the support from lecturers I also think the course is interesting and I love how majority of the subjects tie together which makes workload easier. If you have an interest for working in the Travel Industry, then this course is definitely for you.

The course has a variety of interesting modules and topics which can open more career opportunities in different sectors within Travel and Tourism, such as marketing, events, tour guides and tour operators.

What are your next steps?

Heather is going to go to Canada to become a snowboarding instructor as it is a passion of hers and and something she has been looking to do for a few years now.

Heather asked her fellow students the top things they have learned and their next steps.

"I hope to become an air hostess or work on cruise ships. This provides the perfect opportunity to see the world and learn about different cultures."

"I am hoping to get a place at university to do Tourism Management and I am very interested in food tourism and niche Markets, so these are the sort of things I would like to pursue in my career in the future."

"I am interested in working as a travel agent or in a hotel as a hotel manager. I have also thought of working on a cruise ship."

“I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what your background education or knowledge is if you apply yourself and are interested enough then you can do anything.”

“I have travelled to different countries with family and friends over the years, this inspired me to carry out the course and would like to inspire more people with disabilities to travel the world.”

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