Calling care workers!

May 1, 2021 - Emma McIlvanney

The care sector has been hit hard by the pandemic. There’s a huge demand for staff but understandably people are apprehensive about working on the front line.

Darlene Hogg, Curriculum Manager for Health and Social Care, tells us about a qualification that gives care workers confidence and reassurance in the workplace...

“The Level 2 SVQ Social Services and Healthcare award is a SSSC registration requirement for a wide range of jobs in the care sector. The qualification, which is generally not available at other colleges, will help you to secure employment and reassure others that you provide a good quality service. It may also lead to further education and training, and opportunities for promotion."


Who is it for?

"You need to be working in care, preferably as an employee. It helps if you are caring and understanding, and have good listening and communication skills.

Care workers are usually very good at their jobs but many are anxious about their ability to produce the paperwork that proves this. This course will help you to acknowledge the good work you already do, as well as developing your many skills and qualities.

You’ll develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of legislation, care work values and care standards that will improve self-confidence and personal effectiveness."


What’s involved?

"You’ll attend college two set days a week and usually work as carer at other times - normally at least two days a week. You’ll need to be well organised to maintain a good work life balance while studying and working.

The course covers a range of topics such as human development, safe practice and person centred approaches. There’s plenty of opportunity to discuss topics and get involved in question and answer sessions – these enhance learning and can be fun. Confidentiality is respected as students share stories and discuss situations."


You can do this!

"Our lecturers and assessors work with care workers from a wide range of settings and with variable levels of experience. They provide ongoing support during each lesson and personal development tutors meet with students on a one to one basis. Students also support each other and keep each other going.

College support teams are available to provide financial, careers, emotional and learning support to students.

Caring for people enhances their lives and yours. Every day and every conversation is different. It’s a rewarding and fulfilling occupation that continues to expand its provision - this will mean new opportunities for suitable, qualified and experienced workers."

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