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May 8, 2021 - Emma McIlvanney

We still have a few places available for next year's NC Oral Health Care (Dental Nursing) Preparing for Practice. We caught up with some of this year's class who told us, despite the pandemic, how much they've enjoyed it...


Victoria McNamara

"I was concerned about coming to college as a mature student, I was worried about being the oldest person in the class but we all work well together. The college is a great and the staff have been really good at communicating during the pandemic.

The course is really enjoyable and is perfect for anyone who wants to work in the dental industry. It covers all aspects of oral health such as working within a dental environment, patient care and oral health assessment, and the practical work is very interesting.

As well as learning how to improve patient’s oral health as a professional, my personal values have changed and health has become a top priority. I stopped smoking and I exercise more. I’ve improved my children’s and my own oral health routines and our diets – reducing the amount of sugar."


Kirsty Weir

"Before college I was working as self-employed Beautician. I worked from home, so when COVID started I was unable to work. I was offered a place on this course and I’m so glad because I have loved it.

As a mum of three, childcare is a big issue but I found out that I was able to get some help to pay for the nursery. The course has been mostly home study, so at first it was difficult to get my head around it but the teachers are all lovely and so approachable, so they made it okay.

It’s a very interesting and in depth course. You learn about about the inside of the mouth, teeth, materials used in oral health care, patient care and infection control. I have loved the plotting of the teeth – it was really fun and interesting. I also enjoyed first aid.

I found that, even with three kids at home, I was been able to study and keep on top of my work. I’ve learned a great deal on the course and I’m happy with my progress. I’ll be continuing on to dental nursing and this course has given me a huge boost."

Erin Hodge

"I was in my 6th year at school but I wasn’t enjoying it and I felt it was better to do a college course in healthcare as I’d like to go on to university.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to go into any type of healthcare – it’s really helped me build up my skills and knowledge. I’ve learned how important oral health is and how poor oral health can cause serious health issues such as heart problems and diabetes.

I really enjoyed the practical side of the course, like basic learning first aid and other skills that can be transferred into any area of healthcare.

I think Ayrshire College is a fantastic. They have dealt with the pandemic and home learning very well and I’ve received amazing help and support from all staff. I’ve really enjoyed studying here."


Melissa McKinney

"Before coming to college I worked as a Baker. I’ve always wanted to do dentistry, so I was excited when I realised this course was available, as I hadn’t seen one like it before.

I was concerned about working whilst studying, and about how the pandemic would affect the course, but online study made working full time and being at college manageable.

The course covers things like dental anatomy, infection prevention and control, patient care, using equipment and first aid. I most enjoyed working with others and learning about dental anatomy.

We were allowed in the college for a couple of months and I really enjoyed the physical interactions and practical learning. Having an actual dental suite with proper equipment in the college was a great way to see and learn what we will be doing as dental nurses.

If you’re thinking of applying absolutely do it! The College is fab. The lecturers are amazing. They’ve handled everything being online really well, and they give the best help, advice and support with the work, and with issues out with college.

I’ve gained knowledge and skills that I will need for a career in dentistry, and have a great advantage when taking my next steps. Also, with learning being mostly online, my ICT and communication skills have vastly improved. I now have a good understanding of what it takes to become a dental nurse and what to expect in my future career – this makes me very excited for what’s to come.

I’m continuing down the dental route and I’ve applied to a few colleges. I’d then like to go on to university and eventually become a dental hygienist. Or perhaps apply for an apprenticeship in Dental Nursing as I think it would be an amazing learning opportunity."

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