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May 22, 2021 - Emma McIlvanney

Would you like to do something worthwhile?

HNC Working with Communities focuses on working with people in various settings, helping them to overcome the barriers that they face - whatever they may be.

We caught up with some of the students from this year's course to find out a little bit more...


Megan Woodward

“Working in the community sounds very rewarding and there’s many different things I can do through this course. I’d love to work with adults who have issues with addictions and/or mental health, but I’d also enjoy working with youths – I’m still undecided.

This course is all about working with people in the community, helping them to overcome the barriers they come across whatever they may be. The values that you gain, not just for those you are helping, but the ones you gain for yourself are pretty life changing.

I put myself out of my comfort zone and have overcome some of my own barriers, learning how to better engage with people I have never met. I’ve gained confidence and now have a lot more empathy for people.

As a mum of two, childcare really worried me. I was also worried about online study, as I like to talk things through, but College has been a great experience and the lecturers are very kind, understanding and helpful. It hasn’t been easy but if your heart is really in helping others in the community then this is the course for you.

It’s made a huge difference to my future. I thought I’d never really amount to much, that what I wanted to do didn’t matter and that I just needed a job to provide for my kids. I have become a different person with more confidence and kindness for myself, and I’ve realised that nothing can hold me back.

Now my future is bright and I know that I can provide for my kids in a job that makes me happy every day.”


Lianne Keenan

“Before coming to college I was a nursery practitioner. I wanted to do this course so I could help people and really make a difference.

I was worried about being an older student who had been out of education for so long, plus there’s been a lot of self-learning this year, but the lecturers can’t be faulted for the support they have given us during these uncertain times. It’s an outstanding college.

I really enjoyed the course content and it’s been great to meet new people. I’ve found a new passion, and I’ve found myself. I’ve gained a better knowledge of how to be involved in the community and help others. Plus, I’m now more confident in uncertain situations and my technology skills have vastly improved.

If you’re thinking about applying - go for it! It’s the best decision I made.”


Kirsty Gray

“I’ve worked in a knitwear factory since leaving school. I want to become a social worker, so I made a last-minute decision to apply to college.

I was concerned about how long I’d been out of education – I didn’t know if I’d be able to keep up with the work. Plus, this year most of the course was online and my IT skills weren’t the best, but the lecturers were very understanding and patient with everyone.

The course is a good mixture of written work, group tasks and a placement. The highlight for me was the work placement but I really enjoyed the group work too. I have learned how to communicate better in groups and how to reflect on practice. I would say I have gained confidence since doing the course as well.

The College is great, the staff are supportive and friendly. I’d really recommend this course - I think it’s already made a difference to my life. I look at things differently now and I’m more aware of what is going on in my community.”


If you'd like to improve yourself and enhance your community - apply now!


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