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March 16, 2021 - Jane Moore

Meet Alex McNamara. He started on our PDA Education Support Assistant course before progressing to HNC Additional Support Needs.

Alexander started with the PDA Education Support Assistant course, before progressing to HNC Additional Support Needs at the Kilwinning campus.

Prior to starting college, Alex was an unpaid carer.  Alex said about his experience at college –

“Being a carer before I came to Ayrshire College was the catalyst for me to think about a career in Additional Support Needs. The course itself has been fantastic all round. It’s a real eye opener and all of the individual elements of the course have made for a great learning experience so far.

As well as that, the lecturers have been brilliant. They are really supportive, especially considering everything we are going through at the moment with working and learning through a pandemic.

I would say that if you have an interest in a career in Additional Support Needs, then you should definitely jump into the course. It’s a lot of work, but really worth it.

I have found it to be really rewarding because it’s given me a better view of my own life experiences and makes me more aware of other people’s situations too. Once I finish the course. I’m hoping to work in a career in the Third Sector, whether that be with children or adults, I’m not sure yet. I’d like to be involved with change, so working in the Third Sector will help me do that.

My time at the College has set me up well for a career in Additional Support Needs. In fact, I could have started work last year after the PDA but the lecturers encouraged me to take the extra step and do the HNC course as well.

I’m so glad that they did as this course has given me the extra knowledge and that bit more confidence in the future.

I am the only male in my class, but actually it’s quite good. I enjoy it and we all get on great. More guys should consider the course. It’s not just about your work prospects but it can be helpful in your own life too. It’s definitely worth it.”

Applications are open now for the PDA Educational Support Assistant or the HNC Additional Support Needs.


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