The Albino Hypnotist visits Ayrshire College

October 28, 2022 - Martin Currie

It’s not every day your lecturer gets hypnotised – but that’s exactly what happened at Ayrshire College earlier this month!

During a fun-filled visit from Fraser Penman, aka The Albino Hypnotist, students at the Kilwinning Campus were treated to a masterclass in the power of suggestion.

Fraser dropped into Ayrshire College ahead of his special ‘Hypno Halloween’ show in Glasgow tonight, to see his old lecturer Brian Woolfson, Essential Skills lecturer at the college.

Fraser agreed to perform three sessions with Brian’s students and anyone else who wanted to drop in – of which there were many students – to see his act and hear his advice.

The Albino Hypnotist said: “I’ve put together a presentation called ‘Mindset for Success’, which takes three simple psychological techniques and gives the students a self-improvement toolkit they can use in their personal lives.

1: Mindfulness – being able to acknowledge and accept that if you’re having a bad day, it’s okay to have a bad day. Don’t put pressure on yourself to try and convince yourself otherwise.

2: Repeated suggestion – if you’re struggling to remember to do something: plug in your headphones to your smartphone, take a quick recording and put it on repeat every now and again. Don’t pay any attention to it, just keep doing that and within 2-3 weeks you’ll be better at remembering whatever it is.

3: Visualisation – great for goal setting. If you want a new car, visualise yourself in that car. Inspire yourself to get there and succeed.

“I also shared my personal story of being bullied and suicidal to being, hopefully, looked at as a successful keynote international performer. Which hopefully inspired any students who maybe are struggling out there.

“The audience here at Ayrshire College has been fantastic. Such a diverse range of personalities, and they were really up for it. I had a fantastic time and had such a warm welcome here.

“We finished off with some group visualisation and had some great hypnotic subjects who demonstrated what we’d covered in the presentation.”

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